Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T Ball Under the lights! How cool is that?

Good shot of the Oklahoma sky at dusk.
Kind of looks like a young Chipper Jones to me.

You can't fake a smile like that!
Just like in the bigs!

Eat bat, ball!

High five from coach Scott.
Not sure about the follow through here!

Will is nearing the end of his first year of T ball, but he got a special treat last night when they got to play under the lights. He has really made good progress with his hitting this year, though his focus in the field remains a tad elusive! Still, he is a ton of fun to watch!

The Grandmas come for a Visit

The kids were of course thrilled that the Grandma team made it out for a recent visit. They spent lots of time indoors, as it rained every day that they were here! They got to do some cooking, crafts, games and piano duets. Of course they also got take in lots of ice skating and some karate. You just can't help but love your grandma!

Rooster Days Parade

Rhian and her support team.
The parade.

Sisters waiting for the parade.

Rhian marched in the recent Rooster Days Parade here in Broken Arrow. Her karate school, Apollo's Karate, participated in the parade and later in a karate demonstration. It was a cool, wet morning but we all enjoyed ourselves. Jordan especially enjoyed the free ice cream being given away by the Blue Bell creamery!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jordan Goes for the Gold!

Jordan with her medals.
Getting some advice from Coach Martina

Will helps out with the raffle!
Recently Jordan competed in the Spring Spectacular competition at Oilers Ice Center. She did three events, winning gold in compulsory and free skate, and a silver in jumps. Way to go Jordan!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jordan's First Communion

Jordan's banner, complete with bling!
Fancy toenails!

A girl has to have her 'mani-pedi- before her big event.
With little brother.
With Rhian.
With Taylor.

Will being quiet at church?
Ready to go with Mom.

She looked so pretty!
On May 2, Jordan made her first communion. Nana Sue, Uncle B and Grandma Diane all came to town to help make the day special. Jordan of course did a fabulous job and we all celebrated by sprinting from the church to a piano recital for Taylor and Rhian. Afterwards we kicked back with some BBQ and presents.

Broken Arrow Music Teachers Festival

Shopping for some new camo!
Will's favorite

At the entrance.

Recently the older girls participated in the Broken Arrow Music Teachers Association festival. They both had to memorize and perform a piece of music on the piano. They both did a great job! In between performances we ventured down the hill to kill some time at the Bass Pro Shops Super Store. This was a big hit with Will, as he got to check out the fish and test drive all of the boats and quads. We even had time for a stroll around the lake!