Monday, June 15, 2009

Rhian turns 11!

The birthday girl!

Rhian turned 11 Sunday. Holy Crap! We celebrated with ice cream cake for breakfast and trip alone with her folks to the IHOP for something more substantial. We then headed to the store to pick out a new bike! In our continuing efforts to be the worst parents ever we had been lax in teaching Rhian to master a two wheeler. Well, she kept at it all day and was cruising by the end of the afternoon! The kids also spent some time killing the lawn,er, sliding down the super 3-D water slide Will picked out for his sister. The kids all loved it and it made for some refreshing activity on a sticky day. For dinner we made burgers on the grill and relaxed. It was great day!
Taylor with her gifts..Webkinz.
Will with his gift...a 3-D Slip 'n' Slide.
Rhian and her new wheels!

Taylor heads down the slide.

Rhian hamming it up.

Will gives it a try.

Camping at Greenleaf State Park

We took the kids camping over the weekend. We had tons of fun roaming around the park, taking in the lake, cooking out over the fire, taking a dip in the pool and enjoying some adult beverages. The most memorable part by far was the crazy deer that invaded our camp and began eating right out of our hands. Nuts!
Crazy deer!

Up close and personal!

Will loved pounding in the tent stakes...about every ten minutes just for good measure.

Will and Jordan.

Kevin rockin' some camp breakfast.

Will at the pool. He loved the slide!

Taylor on the rolling log.

Rhian was the first to make it across!

Will decides to give it a go.Will racked out hard on the way home!

Pierced ears for Jordan

Now that Jordan is all grown up, she has elected to have her ears pierced. Previous mentions of the procedure resulted in hysterical screaming so her parents were somewhat shocked the other day when she announced that she would like holes poked in her ears. She brought along a couple of friends for moral support and survived the procedure in remarkably good shape.