Monday, October 27, 2008

Harber Village

Rhian and her congregation

On Sunday we took the kids out to Harber Village with the Slane family. The village is located in Grove,OK on Grand Lake of the Cherokees. It is an old time village filled with antiques and collections of every shape and size. Most of the building are set up to resemble scenes from days gone by, with appropriate vignettes in each (general store, bank, school, etc.). It was a beautiful fall day and the kids had a ball. There was much to see and do and the admission for the whole family was only $7. You can't beat that!
Will takes in the view from the front porch of a cabin

Rhian and Jordan at the wishing well

Some of the buildings near the lake shore

A view of the lake
Will and Momma enjoy the sights (It appears Mom more than Will!)

Rhian and Jordan

How is this for a water main?

Part of the village

Goofy kids!

Glow Skate with the Figure Skating Club

Taylor and Bailey
Group Photo

On Saturday morning the figure skating club held it's annual glow skate. They turn off most of all of the lights and the kids get to skate around with all sorts of glowing accessories on their person. It is always a bit hit, accompanied by the appropriate Halloween attire and candy. This year Taylor went as Diane Fossey (of course!), Rhian went as a pig and Jordan went as a benevolent witch. It was a very fun morning!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Night at the Football game

We are sitting in the far corner, about 8 rows up. See us?
Here is the view from our seats. We are only about 8 rows off of the field but we were in the end zone. For free, they were pretty darn good!

Just a little while back we took the whole clan to a University of Tulsa football game. It was a perfect autumn evening, the temperature right around 70 degrees. Tulsa beat Rice, 63-28. The kids especially loved the hot kettle corn! In case you haven't been paying attention, the Golden Hurricane are now up to #19 in the latest poll! The stadium has been totally renovated, making game time a much more festive event. Unfortunately most of our kid photos did not turn out but we still had a great time. Jordan spent the entire first half waiving to the cheerleaders!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween comes early!

Homemade pizza!

While Dad was out for the evening at the zoo, the rest of the family had a party of their own. Rhian and Jordan decided on a Halloween theme. They bobbed for apples, made pizza from a pizza kit, painted their faces, danced to Halloween music, scarfed ice cream and had a movie night with Mom. It was indeed a good night! The pictures were taken with Mom's IPhone so they are a little grainy. Sorry!
Jordan bobbing for apples. Note the degree of difficulty. A glorified cereal bowl!
Rhian comes up a winner!
Spooky faces!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Taylor's Birthday Night at the zoo!

Bailey putting on a show in the tent!

In celebration of Taylor's birthday, her brave father (and an even braver Mr. Slane) journeyed to the Tulsa Zoo for 'Starry Safari' 2008. For those unfamiliar, it is an event that allows overnight camping inside the zoo. We pitched our tent and enjoyed a catered dinner, unlimited rides on the zoo train and carousel, special presentations ans s'mores. The girls seemed to have a great time and even managed to get some sleep (though not nearly enough for their father's taste). All of the kids were very well behaved and seemed to start a new trend when they began rolling down the hillside outside of the amphitheater. Soon a dozen or more children were enjoying the activity, prompting Taylor's Dad to remark, "Who brought those silly girls? Glad they're not my kids!" We all had a great time and everyone survived intact. Mission accomplished!
Getting up close and personal with the flamingos
What a group! From left: Bailey, Jenny, Taylor, Amanda(back) and Chelsea. All members of the Tulsa Figure Skating Club.
Our home for the night
Jenny and Taylor on the carousel
A more opportune photo had never been taken!
The girls at the science show