Sunday, November 30, 2008

Piano Recital

Taylor wore the Santa hat for extra credit!
Rhian performing 'O Come all ye Faithful'.
A Packed house.
Ready to go on!

On Saturday, Taylor and Rhian both participated in a piano recital at an area Barnes and Noble bookstore. They both performed Christmas pieces and did an excellent job. Great work girls!

Thanksgiving Feast

The kids are ready to enjoy the day!

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving in Oklahoma this year. For the first time that we can recall we did not host, not travel to, a big dinner. Nearly all of our local friends have their own families close by to celebrate the holiday with so we spent the afternoon all by ourselves. It was actually kind of fun! Having lived in the south for nearly 10 years now (scary!) we decided to make a Tur-duc-hen. This is a turkey breast stuffed with chicken and duck. Hence the name! I t was quite good! The kids all helped make dinner, then we sat down to watch the Cowboys destroy the Seahawks. Awesome! Will was running around our living room pretending he was Tony Romo! After the game we put up the tree and watched Christmas movies. It was a great day indeed!
Forsaking Tur-duc-hen, Will opts for his favorite, monkey and cheese.

130 pounds of slobbering stupidity

Taylor gives her little brother a hand with the ornaments.
Mom gives Rhian a hand.
Jordan inspects the tree.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Amie's Birthday!

Mom and her kids

We celebrated Amie's birthday on Saturday. Rhian and Jordan made their mother some custom bath salts, milk bath and oatmeal soap. Taylor pitched in with a chocolate mousse cheesecake and the whole family bought Mom a new electronic book called a kindle. Rhian also painted an original work of art featuring Donald Duck. We all went to lunch at the Santa Fe (very popular with the kids because you can throw your peanut shells on the floor!). Then we attended the TU-Tulane football game with the Slane family. TU won going away in Amie's honor and we spent a quiet evening at home.
Rhian, Taylor and Bailey

Mom and Will try to keep warm
Jordan loves the kettle corn at the ball game!

A view of the crowd. Not a sell out on Saturday-evidently Tulsans were unaware of the occasion?

Everyone cutting up!

Touchdown! (I love this photo!)

Rhian's Birthday Trip

What a nut!

We have a family tradition that when each of the children reach their tenth birthday, they get to take a "Mommy and Me' trip just the two of them. Rhian and Amie made their trip this November. They spent a week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Nana and Uncle B also joined them for a few days. The two of them had a great time taking in all of the sights and rides. As a bonus, they also got to see a space shuttle launch and Jessica Simpson! They also spent a day at the spa complete with Mommy and Me massages. The timing of the trip was a surprise to Rhian! The two of them were taking Dad to the airport to attend a meeting only to find out that he was headed home and the two of them were boarding the airplane. It was a great time for all involved!
Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum indeed!

At the spa.
Ready for some pampering...
Fun with Nana
With Nana and Uncle B
The cutest viking I have ever seen!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Crazy Group! Rhian (pig), Taylor (Diane Fossey, Gorilla researcher), Will (Indiana Jones) and Jordan (Spooky Witch).
Goofy Girls!

Indiana Jones!

We had a week of Halloween fun. William had his school program, consisting of some spooky songs, costume parade and tons of candy. We also made a visit to the pumpkin patch, carved Jack-o-Lanterns and went trick or treating. We ventured around the neighborhood with our cul-de sac mates the Terry and Cleveland families. That was especially nice as the Cleveland family is moving to Switzerland after the first of the year. The weather was perfect! We have been in the 80's during the days the last few days, so it was a very mild evening. It was great fall weekend!
Rhian designing her Jack-o-lantern.
Will picks a winner at the pumpkin patch.

Rhian at the pumpkin patch.

Will and his girlfriend, Kate, at the preschool Halloween show.