Saturday, October 18, 2008

Taylor's Birthday Night at the zoo!

Bailey putting on a show in the tent!

In celebration of Taylor's birthday, her brave father (and an even braver Mr. Slane) journeyed to the Tulsa Zoo for 'Starry Safari' 2008. For those unfamiliar, it is an event that allows overnight camping inside the zoo. We pitched our tent and enjoyed a catered dinner, unlimited rides on the zoo train and carousel, special presentations ans s'mores. The girls seemed to have a great time and even managed to get some sleep (though not nearly enough for their father's taste). All of the kids were very well behaved and seemed to start a new trend when they began rolling down the hillside outside of the amphitheater. Soon a dozen or more children were enjoying the activity, prompting Taylor's Dad to remark, "Who brought those silly girls? Glad they're not my kids!" We all had a great time and everyone survived intact. Mission accomplished!
Getting up close and personal with the flamingos
What a group! From left: Bailey, Jenny, Taylor, Amanda(back) and Chelsea. All members of the Tulsa Figure Skating Club.
Our home for the night
Jenny and Taylor on the carousel
A more opportune photo had never been taken!
The girls at the science show

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naihr said...

That is the cutest barrel of monkeys that I have ever seen :)