Saturday, April 4, 2009

Opening Day of Tee Ball!

Will scores a run.
Ready to head out to the field.

Headed for home!

Getting his thoughts together.

Will had his first official tee ball game today. What a hoot! Reminded me of those 'cat herding' commercials. Tee ball sure has changed since I was a kid! When I was a kid we got a t-shirt and a mesh ball cap. We chose our bats out of a communal bat bag and shared the four or five batting helmets provided by the league. Now, every kid has their own bat, helmet, full uniform, batting gloves, cleats and bat bag. It was a little jarring to see 14 bat bags hanging in the dugout for a game of three and four year olds. I guess time has passed me by. Anyway, the game was a ton of fun. Will did a great job, and is arguably the team's most intense player. He even barreled over a runner for the other team in an effort to field a ground ball. He looked like Jack Lambert out there! Next game is Monday night and I am not sure who is more excited-Father or Son?

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Smiths said...

Hopefully all these leftys will be raking in the big dough for their moms and dads!Love the picture of Will in the dugout with his feet barely past the bench. GOOD TIMES!