Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Blue Hole Park

Jordan catching some rays
William cooling off
The girls relaxing in the creek
Will testing the water
Bathing Beauties
Taking young Will for a ride
Giving Mom some sugar
Hanging out with Mr. Slane

For a true Oklahoma experience we journeyed with our friends, the Slane Family, to the Blue Hole Park near Salina, OK. The Blue Hole Park is an old-fashioned swimming hole fed by a natural spring. The water is crystal clear and very cold! It was a tremendous relief as the day we were there the heat index was about 108. The Slanes brought a grill and charcoal and we cooked out along the creek bank. The kids spent the afternoon swimming, jumping in the creek on the rope swing and catching crayfish. Crayfish catching was a much bigger hit than I expected! It amused them for hours! In the true Oklahoma spirit we got to witness a touching exchange between the couple camped next to us. Clearly inebriated, the husband attempted to woo his young companion by backing over her with the family car, nearly breaking her leg and pinning her to the picnic table. She responded to the amorous advance by picking up a chair and pounding the back of the vehicle. It was truly touching, as they laid into each other with an obscenity laced tirade. Who says the locals don't know h0w to have a good time?

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Elisabeth said...

This is truly hilarious! I like your sense of humor! We are venturing out to Blue Hole for the first time today. I only hope we will have as good a time as y'all did! :)