Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taylor is 12!

Rhian flying a jet pack on Mars
Will testing out the aerodynamics of an F-16
Will enjoying the planetarium
The Jonckowski girls launching the space shuttle
Will climbing up the monkey bars
A view of the facility
Goofy Girls!
Taylor, future world champion figure skater/fighter pilot
Jordan trying out the paper airplane launching pad
Rhian flying

This past Sunday our baby girl turned 12. We had our traditional birthday cake breakfast and present unwrapping. Taylor wanted to visit the Air and Space museum so that is exactly what we did! We had a great day checking out all of the aircraft and experiments. The kids got to fly a fighter jet, launch the space shuttle, fire a rocket, drive a jet pack on Mars, play on the playground, and on and on. We also took in a show at the planetarium (though both father and son fell asleep). It was a great day topped off with Taylor's choice of fried chicken for dinner. It is is amazing to me that she is 12 years old already. Time does indeed fly when you are having fun!

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Smiths said...

Wow, the kids really do grow up so fast. It makes me wish we were closer to spend more time with everybody. Looks like you guys had a wonderful afternoon!!!