Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Six-The Bahamas

The port in Castaway Cay

Our final day of the cruise was spent on Disney's private island in the Bahamas. Dad started the day with the 5k fun run while Mom and the family hit the beach. We did some serious lounging! The Grandparents took the children to swim with the stingrays, where they got to feed and interact with the rays. It was the most relaxing day of the entire trip! Mom even got to enjoy a few signature chocolate margaritas! The next day we headed for home.
Will builds a sand castle.

Uncle Billy with a chocolate margarita!
Amie too!

Will and Papa sword fighting in the pirate tradition.

Rhian and Jordan beneath the shade of a palm tree.

Will tries on Papa's new Margaritaville hat!

The whole gang with the ship in the background. Also visible is the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Take that big sisters!!

Exhausted, Will fell asleep at the Orlando airport! Too much fun for such a little guy!

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