Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caribbean Vacation 2009

Sunset in Port Canaveral as we set out to "sail the seeds", as Will says
Buddies at the cast off party
Perhaps they don't get enough attention at home?
Taylor, Papa Bill and Uncle Billy at the cast off party

Taylor and Will waiting to board the ship.
Will was not all that happy about the safety drill!
Given our abuse of prescription medication, we once again found ourselves in an altered state and agreeing to travel with all of our offspring. No simple weekend excursion would get it done for us, we had to take them out of the country! Damn those opiates! We embarked on a Disney brand cruise to the Caribbean this past week. Over the coming days I will be posting the highlights of that trip, as best as I can remember them (we consumed a tremendous amount of rum). I am sure all of our blog followers will be excited (both of you!) to see our vacation unfold. Today's installment: cast off and day one in Key West, Florida. Get ready to live!

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Smiths said...

I can't wait to follow your adventure! I am glad you guys went first so the next time we join you we will know all the in and outs. I am sure you will have to double up on your prescriptions to bring along relatives as well.