Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Crazy Group! Rhian (pig), Taylor (Diane Fossey, Gorilla researcher), Will (Indiana Jones) and Jordan (Spooky Witch).
Goofy Girls!

Indiana Jones!

We had a week of Halloween fun. William had his school program, consisting of some spooky songs, costume parade and tons of candy. We also made a visit to the pumpkin patch, carved Jack-o-Lanterns and went trick or treating. We ventured around the neighborhood with our cul-de sac mates the Terry and Cleveland families. That was especially nice as the Cleveland family is moving to Switzerland after the first of the year. The weather was perfect! We have been in the 80's during the days the last few days, so it was a very mild evening. It was great fall weekend!
Rhian designing her Jack-o-lantern.
Will picks a winner at the pumpkin patch.

Rhian at the pumpkin patch.

Will and his girlfriend, Kate, at the preschool Halloween show.


Nick said...

Happy Halloween OK Jonckowski's!!! Great pics. Though I have to admit I'm a little partial to Will's Indiana Jones costume. I would have loved to have had that costume when I was younger...who am I kidding, I'd love to have that costume now!!! LOL God bless you guys! Hope to see you soon!

Kim said...

Hi everyone!!! You all looked so good for Halloween! I hope you got lots of candy!!! Miss you and hope to see you kids and dad too. :) Much Love, Kim

Smiths said...

What a smorgasbord of costumes! Looks like it was lots of fun!