Sunday, November 23, 2008

Amie's Birthday!

Mom and her kids

We celebrated Amie's birthday on Saturday. Rhian and Jordan made their mother some custom bath salts, milk bath and oatmeal soap. Taylor pitched in with a chocolate mousse cheesecake and the whole family bought Mom a new electronic book called a kindle. Rhian also painted an original work of art featuring Donald Duck. We all went to lunch at the Santa Fe (very popular with the kids because you can throw your peanut shells on the floor!). Then we attended the TU-Tulane football game with the Slane family. TU won going away in Amie's honor and we spent a quiet evening at home.
Rhian, Taylor and Bailey

Mom and Will try to keep warm
Jordan loves the kettle corn at the ball game!

A view of the crowd. Not a sell out on Saturday-evidently Tulsans were unaware of the occasion?

Everyone cutting up!

Touchdown! (I love this photo!)


Smiths said...

I love the pictures of you with all your kids Amie!! You look as beautiful as ever. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you. Also love the picture of Will and the "touchdown."

Kim said...

I missed your birthday!!! Happy belated! Miss you, love you :)