Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

The kids are ready to enjoy the day!

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving in Oklahoma this year. For the first time that we can recall we did not host, not travel to, a big dinner. Nearly all of our local friends have their own families close by to celebrate the holiday with so we spent the afternoon all by ourselves. It was actually kind of fun! Having lived in the south for nearly 10 years now (scary!) we decided to make a Tur-duc-hen. This is a turkey breast stuffed with chicken and duck. Hence the name! I t was quite good! The kids all helped make dinner, then we sat down to watch the Cowboys destroy the Seahawks. Awesome! Will was running around our living room pretending he was Tony Romo! After the game we put up the tree and watched Christmas movies. It was a great day indeed!
Forsaking Tur-duc-hen, Will opts for his favorite, monkey and cheese.

130 pounds of slobbering stupidity

Taylor gives her little brother a hand with the ornaments.
Mom gives Rhian a hand.
Jordan inspects the tree.

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